Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Her heart sinks...

I've been waiting. Anxiously waiting if truth be told.  Now I have my answer, and its not pretty. My latest opus was liked by the editor, and went up as far as a reading team, but I just heard back, and they've decided to pass. Although they loved the plot, and thought my writing was good, they said the story lacked pizzazz, and wasn't memorable enough. I've an invitation to rework it and they'll look at it again.
I've been making huge inroads into a new story, have knocked out 1,800 words this morning, and its not even lunchtime yet, but right now my mojo has deserted me.
I know I should be looking on the bright side. Feeling happy about the things they liked, but right now I'm feeling blue. That's okay, because feeling blue is all part of a writer's day. I'm sure when I've absorbed the feeling of being rejected I'll be able to look at it with fresh eyes. Take on board the suggestions. Maybe even rewrite to add the missing elements that make the story so godamned unforgettable that no-one will ever be able to forget my couple's story.
I just need to give it time. Have a wallow, eat some chocolate (thank goodness for Easter!) and lick my wounds. Then pick myself up the floor and get back on the writing horse again. Down, but not out. Definitely not out!


  1. Oh commiserations Sally! I know it seems really daunting but this isn't a REJECTION, it's a request to REVISE AND RESUBMIT. I'm not gonna say that's easy - cos I'm going through the absolute HELL of it at the moment and have no clue whether I'm swimming or drowning but it's a chance. The best advice I had was not to rush straight in. Print the letter off four times and read it once a day for the next four days, highlighting what jumps out at you each time. Let it all mull over in your head and when you feel you're ready... then start!!

    Good luck! I'm cheering for you xox

  2. Keep the faith Sally! I know you probably don't want to hear this but that is actually really good news. So few manuscripts even get as far as a reading panel. Best of luck with the rewrites! xx

  3. Oh, this is HUGE news, Sally!

    I know it's not quite what you hoped for, but it's still a fantastic letter to receive. Your book was passed through several people, who obviously liked it enough to pass it along. You should be celebrating!

    Then, like Rach suggested, analyse it and work out how to revise and resubmit adding some extra pazzazz!

    We Minxes await giving you pizzazz suggestions!

  4. Oh thanks so much everyone. I'm definitely going to need the minxes help on this one. On the plus side, I've got a readers report from the nws, a detailed rejection from m&b and this current publishers feedback to work on. With me its alls about character. They love the plots, but character is where I fall down. Thanks for all the encouragement and feedback, guys. I've been powering through another romance, 8,000 words in 3 days. Maybe I'll keep on with that one and let CMAC brew for a bit before starting into it again.

  5. Hi Sally - I echo everyone's comments above! Just see it as a REVISION letter and re-submit! Good for you I say - but don't let me stop you eating chocolate of course! Caroline xxxxx

  6. I know the feeling. You think you've chopped.carved, etched and polished every last shine out of that angel inside the giant slab of marble. you've gotten it through so many levels that surely they'll need sun glasses to view it. But this is the 1st time they've seen it!

    They're desperate to manufacture a product that will be a finely tuned machine and probably still see this and every other ms as if it's still in the putty stage.

    They obviously really like it but want to keep playing with it, and obviously have confidence in you to go even further.

    It's great news, keep at it, Kristi

  7. Thanks for the votes of confidence guys!

  8. Sally, big hugs!! I SO know that disappointed, yucky feeling. It stinks. But hey, it is a resub so the door isn't completely closed yes?

    That's interesting re character because that's where I have my problems too. The editor at M&B told me to do character biographies before I even start writing. This has been HUGELY beneficial to me - can't think why I never did it before. Have you given that a go?

    Anyway, have some more big hugs. No retreat, no surrender! ;-)

  9. Congrats on your massive word count! I want to borrow your writing mojo :D ((HUGS)) on your disappointment. With all that feedback I'm sure your rewrite will be fantastic x

  10. Hugs again, Sally and good for you for seeing the positive side. Personally, I think that R was a fab one, so hope you get back to that ms after this one's done. Go Minx!

  11. Sorry to hear the news Sally but that's great about the invitation to re-work the story. I definitely have faith you can make it work :-)
    Sending hugs, chocolate and allsorts your way to help with the re-write!

  12. Hi jackie - we're having fun with our naughty bridesmaids! Hi Lacey, Maya and welcome back Lorraine!!
    am working on a new one, and having fun. Will go back to it in a while, because right now, even after a re-read, I can't see where I'm supposed to make it better. Hopefully distance will help!

  13. You're allowed to feel blue (I read somewhere that if Rs didn't hurt then you didn't want it badly enough in the first place), but you're bouncing back already and 1,800 words before lunch is fantastic.


  14. Sorry it wasn't the news you wanted Sally, but as rejections go it was about as good as they get.:o)
    An invitation to revise and resub is great!
    Lots of luck with your new wip too.


  15. Thanks, Suzanne and Joanne. I've got my whip out to whip it into shape...