Monday, March 21, 2011

Could it be Tom Welling time?

Everyone loves a Superman. And Tom Welling is certainly that. I'm thinking that Tom might be my perfect hero inspiration for my new book... starring as Ryan Armstrong, war correspondent. What do you think?
Here's some pictures of him in 'Ryan' mode...

I think so!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Visiting, a review and a yum yum

First of all, I'm visiting Head above Water blog today, answering Alison Wells' questions about being both a writer and a mum - that's Here

And secondly, I have just received a new review for Bound to Love from Manic Readers. They gave me 4.5 stars, so thank you very much, Manic Readers! You can read more of that here.

And thirdly, I love the romantic comedies of the 1930's and 1940's. The women are so great, with dialogue to die for. So here's Barbara Stanwyck telling Gary Cooper a thing or two from Ball of Fire, made in 1941.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Hmm - what next?

I've a couple of new story starts, but they aren't really gripping me. So I'm thinking, for the next while, about what to write next.
Every thought I have, I keep thinking, is this a good idea? then rejecting it.
I must admit that this is the moment I hate most. Storyless, and not gripped by the ideas I AM having.
I guess I'll just have to settle down, not panic, and let one come.

Friday, March 11, 2011

And the review train keeps on rollin.....

A fabulous 5 star review hit my in-box this morning for Bound to Love from The Romance Studio. I'd like to thank Dee Dailey and The Romance Studio for such a fabulous review, I'm grinning like a fool here! (nothing new there, then).

Here it is:

Tempest MacKenzie is one happy girl. She just got a contract that will help get her out of debt and make her reputation as a jewelry designer. So what's she doing jumping into the fray when someone tries to abduct a total stranger? She ends up kidnapped along with Jake Forrester who doesn't know it yet but he's in the middle of a plot to take over his company. The two seem to live life with opposing goals. So when does that ever stop lust from guiding two people in a new direction?

Sally Clements pens another excellent tale. Tempest seems to live up to her name when there's trouble brewing. She's not the kind of girl to sit back and let life happen around her. Both she and Jake have been affected by the death of a parent. He's decided it's not worth taking chances. He takes every precaution he can and still ends up in the middle of a mess. Tempest's father probably would have lived through a mugging if even one person would have stopped to help him. Armed with her gift for precognition she does everything she can to stop trouble before it happens or jump in where others may fear to tread.

Strong heroines like this are a favorite kind of read for me. Great character building and a plot that keeps us on edge throughout helps make this an exceptional suspense. Dialogue helps build it and steamy romance sizzles in a good way. This makes two books in a row from this gifted author that I've adored. Hope to read many more in the future.

Overall rating: 5 hearts
Sensuality rating: Very sensual
Reviewer: Dee Dailey

March 10, 2011

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

New Review just in...

For Catch Me A Catch from The Romance Reviews.

The reviewer, Danielle G, gave me a four star review, and said, amongst other things:

Fans of contemporary romances should definitely give CATCH ME A CATCH a read, as with a great plot and likable main characters, it can't be classed as anything but an excellent contemporary romance.

Read the whole review below at this link:

Thank you, The Romance Reviews, and Danielle!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dancing in Springtime

My DD says I dance like a two-year old. I guess I do. I'm writing today, and this is one of the songs from my playlist, which is great to write to, and also has a video in which the hero dances rather like I do. No, not Carly Simon, unfortunately, who does quite a good job of it, but instead the bearded gentleman.
What can I say? I love dancing!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Paperback version of Bound to Love update!

I've discovered that at the moment are giving a lead time of within one to two months for delivery of the paperback version of Bound to Love. I'm not very happy about this, and am trying to sort it out, as I would hate to think of people having to wait so long for their copy! I notice WH Smith are stating a lead time of 4 or more weeks for it, whereas Waterstones are stating a couple of days, so if you are offered a ridiculously long lead time, shop around!

My advice in the meantime, is if you visit the site and find that they are still suggesting a lead time of one to two months, that you buy it from Salt Publishing direct instead, as they have plenty of copies available for instant dispatch, and are offering a 20% discount on the cover price of £7.99 when you add it to the cart, altering the amount to £6.39.

Sorry about this everyone, and hopefully the situation at Amazon uk will be sorted soon! They have stock in and Salt will also ship worldwide with that 20% discount.

Here's a  link for anyone needing it!

In other news, I'm answering minxy questions on the minxes site today!

And an update update, now are stating a 2-5 week delivery time, so it's getting better, but not quite good enough for me yet... watch this space!

Thank you, Romy!

I went away for a few days, and discovered that fellow minx, Romy had been talking about one of my books! Luckily, she liked Catch Me A Catch, saying lovely things like:

It’s a romance with a great deal of depth, covering some truly heartfelt issues. You might laugh as you read this book, but you also might cry.

For more of Romy's Review, check it out on her blog, here.
And for Romy and anyone else who's read and enjoyed it, could you give me a review on Amazon? My review section is looking rather sparse, and I'd love a review or two!