Thursday, March 4, 2010

Back to Black

Today I'm going back to black. Yup. I've polished and edited my last 2 romances this year, and am finding them a home. While I'm waiting, and in a frantic attempt to NTAI, I'm off to pastures new. Well, okay, not exactly new, but newish anyway.
I've just printed off the first draft of my second crime novel. Just over 50,000 words and completed last November as my NANOWRIMO project. Its dark, scary, and dramatic. It also has a cast of thousands. So heres the plan...

1. Read it. (Should be interesting, I've forgotten half the characters!)
2. Highlight all the characters (to see if there really are as many of them as I suspect)
3. Add in a death at the beginning (I know who, and how). A death at the beginning of a crime novel is always good, to get the ball rolling, so to speak.
4. To kill off anyone who isn't relevant and necessary. No matter how much I like them. (Electra, honey, this means you)
5. To stick a pic of Ewan McGregor on my computer as inspiration (not just generally, although that works too!)
6. To flesh out my detective. Give him more to say and a deep, dark, past which was only hinted at first time around.
7. To polish it within an inch of its life.
8. And finally, when its almost double the size it currently is and FABULOUS to send it out.
9. Then back to NTAI.

P.S. In the meantime, I can be interrupted with chocolate, liquorish all sorts (can't spell em!), or contracts.

What are the rest of you up to?


  1. Good luck with the wip! Me? I'm going to finish blogging and then do some work! Caroline x

  2. Good luck, Sally! Especially with the NTAI. :-)

  3. Ooh good luck with the subs and NTAI. I reckon working on something totally different is a fabulous idea :)

  4. The evil comment monster seems to have eaten my comment since yesterday... hmmm... It went something like this:

    Is this crime novel "the big one"? I'm so excited for you and I can't wait to hear how it goes. I'm sure that when you double the words, particularly in such a plot rich genre, it's going to be a whole different ballgame :D Keep us posted!

  5. Hi Lacey. Yup its a big one. Slightly daunting because I'm planning on making it 80-100 which I haven't managed before (biggest around 67), but I have plenty of scope, a lot was pretty finely sketched in and needs expanding. Also I need to work on characterisation, and do a lot of research into police methods to get them spot on. Ah well, something to do I guess!

  6. Sounds a great project to me, Sally. I loved Agatha Christie books as a child, she was so clever. I've tried to write a couple of mystery books in the past but I found they weren't very mysterious ... or interesting!!

  7. That certainly sounds like a great plan, Sally. I'm trying to write a mystery short story (I'm only talking 1,000 words here) and not doing very well so I'm really impressed with your 80-100.


  8. Sue and Jo, its not impressive till I've done it! Slightly daunted by all the research, but chatting up the police!

  9. Hi Sally, just posted a comment there, not sure it went through, so here it goes again!
    Just wanted to say good luck with the novel an well done!
    I'm trying to think up of new ideas for third kids book, could be anything from angels to pandas! Sounds cryptic, I know!

  10. Hi Olive! Well thats a difficult choice. I know angels are the 'new hot thing' in adult fiction apparently, but I love pandas, and I know my kids do too... Hmm, what a choice!