Wednesday, August 8, 2012


One of my favourite TV shows at the moment is Revenge. I'm in Ireland, so I still have 4 more episodes to go before the end of the first season (don't tell me any spoilers!) but so far, I'm completely addicted to this tale of money, priviledge and (of course), revenge.

This is a series that is filled with people who are beautiful on the inside, and no so beautiful inside, and I've been trying to analyse why exactly I find it so compelling.

The plot is straightforward. Amanda Clarke played by the excellent Emily Van Camp, assumes a false identity and infiltrates the monied world of the Grayson family, who are ensconced in their Hamptons' getaway. The locations are pure eye-candy, beautiful houses and beaches, fabulous boats and a bar I'd like to hang out in. Emily has one overriding goal, to bring down all of the people involved in setting up her late father for a crime he didn't commit. Along the way, she seduces yummy Daniel Grayson, and reconnects with her childhood friend (who of course, doesn't know she's Amanda) Jack Porter.

The interpersonal relationships are complex. The characters for the most part are damaged, many of them are totally ruthless in hiding the truth and playing dangerous games. It's really, really, watchable. Addictive even. Each episode adds another piece of the puzzle, throws up a new twist to consider. The main character, Amanda, is constantly faced with inner conflicts, will she continue down the path she's chosen, even if it means she will suffer emotional pain as a result? Every time I think she's going to back down, something comes along to strengthen her resolve, makes sure she keeps on her revengeful path.

Can't wait for next week. Is anyone out there suffering from revengeitis?

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Something for Sunday

I have updated my page above for Sample Sunday - now showing the first chapter of Love On the Vine, my newest book.
Do click on the #samplesunday page tag above to have a read or click here.