Saturday, February 22, 2014

I'm getting around...and have signed a new contract!

I've updated my books tab above to include links for all the new places my books are appearing - after being mostly available on kindle only for a while, I've decided to branch out and offer my books on B&N, Kobo, iTunes and Google Play. I've included the link for my page at each store, although be warned, some of the stores are showing books under my author name that aren't mine!

In other news...(drumroll)

I planned on writing two more books about the Under The Hood garage, about the other two women owner/mechanics, and have just signed a new contract with Entangled Publishing for these. Woo!

Book 2 is titled Under the Stars, and is Mel's story, and Book 3 is titled Under a Hunter's Moon and is Betty's story. I have submitted both of these, and hope to have more news on them soon. Both books are novellas, but about twice the size of Under The Hood at around 40k each.

I'm also starting work on book 3 of The Logan Series...