Thursday, March 18, 2010

Wearing the Green - Part Two

Wearing the Green, continued...
“Are you ready to go?”

Adam hung up the phone and turned towards Eve as she entered the room, his eyes sweeping her from head to foot. Heat flickered in them briefly as they met hers.
“You look great.”
“So do you.” If it had been impossible to take her eyes off him before, it was doubly so now. He really worked those black Levis.
“Did you get her?” She’d taken one look at his expression and left him to call his sister in private.
“Yes.” He shrugged his shoulders. “She told me she’s in love.” He crossed his arms over his chest, drawing her attention to his impressive chest, every acre of it. “I told her she was crazy. How can she expect to be in love after such a short time? She’s only been dating him three weeks.”
“Three very intense weeks.” She’d barely seen her flatmate since she’d met Bill, and there conversations had become very one sided, Bill this, Bill that. In fact she gave a very good impression of someone completely smitten. “He’s nice.”
Adam snorted.
“Well, I’ll doubtless find out on Sunday. She’d determined I meet him. She says he’s the one.” A wry grin twisted his mouth. “I just hope she’s not going to get hurt. Amber doesn’t have the best taste in men.”
“Love happens.” She believed it with all her heart. Even though it hadn’t happened in a good and lasting way yet, she wasn’t throwing out her rose tinted glasses just yet. There was someone out there for everyone. She knew it. Shame Adam obviously didn’t believe it.
“So she keeps telling me.” He grinned, and she pulled in air as her heart pounded. How on earth did he do that? “Where are you taking me tonight?”
“Tonight is the first night of the festival. We’re going into the town centre for the fireworks.”
An eyebrow twitched and raised.
“You’ll love them.” She glanced at her watch. “Come on, we have to get the tram.”
“I can drive…”
“The last thing you want to do this weekend is try to drive anywhere, believe me. We can catch the tram from just outside.”
She slung her light suede jacket over her sparkly v-neck jumper which revealed just enough cleavage to be enticing, but not enough to be ‘look at me’ slutty and they made their way out into the dark Dublin night.
Reflected lights glittered in the dark river Liffey water as they faced the lit up Customs House.
“The architecture is beautiful.” The crush of bodies pushed them closer together. “You should stand in front of me. You’d have a perfect view.” Warm hands landed on her shoulders and he manoeuvred her into position, his hands resting on her shoulders protectively as the crowd surged forwards suddenly.
The person next to them had a radio tuned to the local radio station, and had it pressed to his ear. She craned her neck backwards to talk to him, and he leant forwards to listen.
“They broadcast a soundtrack to the fireworks.”
Someone pointed across the river. “Oh, they’re starting!”
Splashes of colour lit up the night sky and her neck ached as she stared upwards following their starry flight then gasped as the first loud bang rent the sky. She could feel his heat behind her, intensely aware of every inch of his body, so aware that she felt his body shake slightly, and tried to turn around to see if he was alright.
In the split second before she stumbled she caught a glimpse of his rapt face, He was laughing, mouth wide in joy at the sight of Dublin’s sky lit up. As her ankle twisted he looked down and then everything seemed to meld together, his face changing as he looked at her, his arms coming around her holding her steady against his body as she turned in his arms. His head was lowering and that look was in his eyes again, the hot look.
His lips brushed her ear. “Are you okay?”
His breath feathered over her ear and she barely heard his words in the gasps of the crowd and the firework’s bangs and whistles. She ran her tongue over her dry lips and he angled his ear towards her mouth.
“I just stumbled.” His arms tightened around her and it was as if everything faded away, the crowds, the sounds, the rainbow fountains of colour that filled the sky replaced by the greenness of his eyes as they stared down into hers.
He looked shocked, out of control somehow as his lips moved closer, then her heavy eyelids drifted closed as he brushed his lips over hers, softly, slowly, deliciously. Just once.
“Here comes the finale!” An excited voice from next to them had her turning in his arms, eyes focussing on the sight in front of her while his warm arms crossed over her torso. She leant back against his body and felt his moan reverberate through his ribcage. The fireworks in front of her eyes were amazing, but the fireworks going off inside were spectacular.
What to say, afterwards?


  1. :) :) :) Hmmmmmm....I just love reading romance it makes me all gooey inside. Ah. Well and the rest. lol. What happens now? :)

  2. Next thrilling installment tomorrow!