Friday, April 2, 2010

A Hughge inspiration

Well, things are going well, over in Love and Chocolate land. I'm revising the 'big reject', which basically involves examining it with a beedy eye, making a rewrite or two, and shouting 'PIZZAZZ! GIVE IT MORE!' at regular intervals, to the fright of my poor bemused family.
I've also started in on a new romance, titled 'Marrying Cade.' Cade is the eye candy that my heroine, Melo has had her eye on since they were teenagers. She thinks she knows him, but he's changed in the ten years since she last saw him. He's not the nice guy she always thought he was. Not even close. Although he has his reasons, which should become clearer as the ms progresses.
Like all good romantic novelists, I've had to do research. Have had to wade through sites of hotties to find him. I'm proud to announce, that the moment I found him the words have been running fast and hot. I know he looks familiar, although his hair is different, and hope you'll all agree that he is a HUGHGE inspiration!


  1. Oooh, sounds intriguing. Can't wait to read more.


  2. With a hero like him you can't go wrong IMHO. Enjoy writing your new story. Caroline x

  3. Oooh, I like Hugh with long hair. Very inspirational! Can't wait to read this story.

  4. Sally, thank you for that pic of the very dishy Mr. Jackman! I think he's inspiration for many women, lol.
    P.S. Just set up a new writing blog at