Saturday, February 13, 2010

Fame at last!

I couldn't resist blogging about this picture that I saw yesterday on the news. I was having one of those mornings, you know the one. The 'plagued by self-doubt' ones. The big burst of activity that I'd had in November has slowed right down to a trickle during December, and what with one thing and another (Snow, family, apathy) I'd been finding it difficult to get back into my stride. I'd had a couple of successes, publication of a short story and a thorough re-do of Bound to Love, but my mojo was sulking. What to do next? My somewhat deflated self was beset by the usual demons... the 'what makes you think you can write anyway' one being top of the list.
I've been struggling with it and had it in a headlock, but it was kicking out viciously at my legs, in danger of toppling me. My three potential projects sat leering in the cheap seats, egging it on.
Project 1 - Go back to my NWS project, and whip it into shape. It correctly devined that it had the upper hand. I approached, armed with readers report and a clenched jaw, but the demon wasn't letting me go. Project 1 smirked.
Project 2 - My mystery completed during Nano had a complete cheering section in the back. All the characters whose demise would be imminent if I could just get a fist into the demon's face... They let out a cheer as I found myself on the ropes.
Project 3 - The hugely complicated mystery that I've been writing for years, its twisty, tangled plot hanging like dreadlocks around its medusa-like head. It faced me, sipping on a latte, knowing without full mojo involvement it was safe from completion.
I made it back into the corner, sat down on the seat, while mojo squirted water into my bloodied mouth, and mopped my brow with a towel.
"I could do with some help here." I wished I didn't sound such a wuss, mojo shrank back and smiled weakly.
"Have a look at the news."
She pushed the laptop across the bare boards, as demon did a victory dance in the opposite corner.
Would I ever get there? Would my name grace the spine of a book? Would Sandra Bullock be beating down my door, demanding to be cast as the fiesty heroine in Project 1?
I got my answer, shoved my gum shield back in and knocked the demon out as the audience quaked in fear in what was to come. Mojo grinned, and handed me a cube of chocolate from the monster sized bar she was chowing down on.
Here it is, guys...
And gosh, darn it, Sally Will.