Saturday, January 21, 2012

Bound to Love - Free today and tomorrow!

It was such a rush making Bound to Love free at the beginning of the month that I'm doing it again this weekend, so if you haven't got a copy for your Kindle, do pop over to Amazon and pick it up today or tomorrow!

Here are the links:


or, if you're in the UK....


With my last free giveaway, 19,000 copies were downloaded - wonder what will happen this time?

Happy weekend, everyone!

Update: Day one of two at free and over 8,000 giveaways! I'm currently #24 free in the kindle store, #3 in romantic suspense, and #5 in contemporary romance - woo!
And another update: Day two of free resulted in another 5,500 giveaways.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I need TV

All my favourite shows are on a break, and I'm suffering withdrawl symptoms.

No Good Wife. No Greys. No Dr Who, Not even an Eureka....
I've been reduced to watching documentaries about the economy (and I live in Ireland, so that's not even remotely good news.)

All suggestions for 'new shows for me to watch' gratefully received. Because if I watch any more reruns I'll.....explode!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Review link

Turning the Pages have just given  a review today too Bound to Love. Amongst other lovely things, the review said:

Overall, a fun and exciting read. With vivid backgrounds, fiesty characters and a thrilling storyline, this is a story that I could actually see being made into a major motion picture.

You can read the full review here
Thanks again to everyone who's ever given me a review. I've been reading a lot of debate today which suggests that authors shouldn't comment on their reviews, so I won't be doing it in future, but would like to say that I appreciate them.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Result of Amazon Experiment - Awesome!

Happy New Year!

In this, my first blog post of 2012, I'm reporting back on the results of making Bound to Love free on Amazon for 31 December and 1st January.

The amount of giveaways was...well, I'm speechless really! I had about 19,000 giveaways!

Bound to Love started back into paid on the afternoon of the 2nd January. Before it went free, I had sold 16 copies of Bound to Love in the US, good figures for me, and was feeling okay about everything. After...

Anyway, my rank when I came off being free was frighteningly depressing #263,827.
By Wednesday, I was at #133.
I got to #4 in fiction, and #1 in romance.

As at now, I've sold over 1,200 copies of Bound to Love, and my other book ranks are improving too.