Monday, March 22, 2010

Wearing the Green - Part 3

Wearing the Green - Part 3 of 4

Luckily that decision was taken away from her by the bustle of people forcing them forwards into the sidestreets. The sleek ribbon of humanity flowed like a school of fish around College Green, diverging at the bottom of Grafton Street. All the cities arteries were blocked. St Patrick’s weekend cholesterol. Her hand was in his, the warmth of his fingers curled around hers heating her blood. She could pretend it was so they wouldn’t be separated in the melee, but why bother? Her eyes flickered up to his.

“In here.” She pulled him into the nearest pub, feeling the heat of the air flush her face. There was no way they could sit anywhere, every inch was full of people.
“What would you like?”
You. The thought rose in response, but she bit down on it. “A gin and tonic?” There was no need to hold hands anymore, but he wasn’t letting go. They made their way to the bar and he instantly got the bartender’s attention. It wasn’t just her, then. Everyone was captivated by Adam.


Their drinks were ready on the bar in front of him, and Adam fished in his pocket for euros. He handed over a note, and waited for change. There wasn’t any. He wanted to reach for her hand again, but the moment was gone. What was with him anyway? He hadn’t held hands since he was nine. Two people sitting at the bar were getting ready to go. He snagged the seats, and waited till she’d perched on one before sitting down next to her. His feet were on the ground, but hers dangled mid-air. A true pocket Venus. Fiery glints of red sparkled from her pre-raphaelite curls, and her azure eyes held his. Her soft mouth with its perfect cupid bow was smiling at him. His heart thumped. She really was gorgeous. What had Amber said about her flatmate? Had she even mentioned her at all? Suddenly it seemed imperative to find out more about this bewitching woman.
“So, where’s your boyfriend tonight?” Subtle, Adam, subtle. He clenched his jaw and mentally kicked himself. What a line. He’d never come out with something so stupidly transparent before. Usually he was cool and confident, but something about this situation had him flustered. Maybe it was the people, the unfamiliar city. Maybe it was the fact that he had only a couple of days before he was headed back to America. Or maybe it was the fact that he desperately wanted to know if she was single. Why kid himself? He wanted to know if she was single. With every atom in his body.
“No boyfriend.” The light seemed to dim in her eyes a little, before she tilted her chin up and forced a tight smile into place.
He took a sip of his Guinness. Smooth and creamy. Like her skin might be if he tasted it.
“I’m single too.” There. It was out. The sounds around them faded and all he was aware of was Eve. Three words, and the world tilted on its axis. Things were about to change.
“We should wait until the crowds die down before going back.” She was avoiding eye contact, and a touch of pink swept up from her throat to her cheekbones.
“Good idea.” He wanted to be alone with her. Talking was impossible in the noisy confines of the pub. If Amber were here, they’d be in the thick of it, enjoying the atmosphere. For the first time in his life, he was glad his sister had let him down.


It was an evening like no other. All Adam wanted to do was pull her into his arms, but he held back. In the intimate confines of the flat he needed to keep his distance. Had to keep it neutral. This was his sister’s flatmate, and she was different from the women he usually slept with. Softer, more innocent.
The next morning was bright and clear, the sunshine shone in through the gap in the curtains of Amber’s room, waking him from a fitful sleep. He’d laid away for hours, wrestling with himself. Resisting the urge to walk into the room next door and see if she was awake, thinking of him too. When he’d finally fallen asleep he’d had the most erotic dream of his life. With Eve as the guest star.
He walked into the kitchen. She was sitting at the breakfast bar, drinking coffee.
“Good morning.” She grinned at him and his heart flipped over. Two more days and he was back on that plane, he couldn’t start anything, it wouldn’t be right. He walked over and kissed her. Running his hands through her riot of curls, desire surging through him as she kissed him back. Why had he thought it would be safer, kissing her in the daytime? He was fast losing hold of his control, as her arms wound around his neck. He pulled back, breathing fast.
She looked stunned, her mouth opened then closed.
“So, what’s on the agenda for today?” He poured himself some coffee from the cafetiere, and struggled to put things back on a neutral footing. “Do you want to go to the parade?”

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