Monday, November 1, 2010

New Story Love

It's the first of November, so don't expect to see much of me this month. For the ninth year in a row, I'm immersing myself in Nanowrimo, striving for 50,000 words in 30 days.
My approach is different to many others, I suspect. I love writing 'pantster style' which is writing by the seat of my pants, and November is the month when I toss out any ideas of writing to a plan, and just go for it.
I love what comes out of the ether - and this year is no exception. So last night, before nano started, all I had was a vague idea of a woman who pays attention to her daily horoscope, and acts on it.
An hour in, and she's told me her name (Portia Blake), and introduced me to the inciting incident, and all of her five sisters - all with lovely Shakespearean names.
I've got a working title of 'Written in the stars' (but I'm pretty sure that will change, it's not quite right).
And a tough, macho hero is stirring - Aidan Devlin (sorry Lacey, he says he's no relation).
It's a modern heat. And so far, I'm loving it.
Wish me luck in finding out Portia and Aidan's story by the month end!


  1. You're writing a story about Maya's sister and Lacey's brother!!

    Best of luck, Sally, it sounds intriguing.

  2. WTG, Sally!! Enjoy Nano. Nothing like new story love eh?

  3. Jo - I only realised I'd used Blake too when I was on the school run! D'oh! Anyway, thats what they say their names are, so its definitely a minx inspired effort...
    May have to change her surname so it doesn't get too creepy!

  4. Hi Jackie! I'm reading and listening to SYTYCW too, and have just been listening to Maisey... great interview, tell her will ya?
    Am enjoying the story. No plotting pressure, no stressing over conflicts or good writing, just writing it, and expecting it to be pants. November for me is all about FUN!

  5. LOL! Are you really sure he's no relation?

    It sounds fabulous Sally! Heaps of luck NaNoing!

  6. Sally you had me at five sisters all with Shakespearean names.... I love that sort of thing. You have to promise to tell us more or I will throw a tanty so big you'll hear me in Ireland! *bats eyelashes beguilingly* pretty please?

  7. Hi Lacey, Well if Aidan is related, I definitely want to meet him! He looks like James Marsden (in x men, but without the visor) and is sexy and smart mouthed.
    Hi Elissa, well, I'll write a bit more, then let you know!