Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The core of the matter

I've been distracted by Nanowrimo - and didn't make my wordcount.
I've been distracted by my cover.
And the fact that the Irish economy is imploding.
And book sales, and blogging, and twittering.

I almost forgot the most important thing. The core of the matter.

Just in time, my priorities reasserted themselves, and I'm happy to announce that I'm back on track.

All that matters is the writing.
Not if an editor loves it enough to want to read more.
Or people I don't know love reading it.

All that matters is the writing.
Writing from the heart.
Writing words that wring emotion out of me.
Scenes that resonate with truth, depth and emotion.
Writing deeper, better, stronger and more beautifully.
Writing my very best, then pushing it to write even better.

It's not about the volume, but rather about the quality.

Tomorrow my guest Caroline Clemmons will be here to give us her Christmas eve recipe.

And with that, dear reader, I'm back to the wip.


  1. Sally, I'm reading a wonderful memoir right now, suggested to me by author and friend Joe Trigoboff that I'd like to recommend to you. Joe recommended it to me as he's helping me rewrite my memoir and he thought the structure used in this book would be apt for mine. It's titled "Hemingway and Jake" by Jake Klimo and Will Oursler and is an older book. It's the account of Klimo and his friendship with Ernest and his brother Hank. Reason I'm recommending it as there are passages in it about a mutual writer friend, Canby Chambers, and it's a revealing story about just what you're going through now and how it's about the writing. Chambers "sold out" and it gives a poignant and revealing, cautionary tale about just what you're talking about. I had to get it through Abebooks (www.abebooks.com) as it's out of print, but I really think it would help confirm the wisdom you express here.

  2. Thanks so much for that, Les. It seems so simple, but sometimes the truth of it gets lost in the everyday stuff. I'll go up and see if I can get hold of it. x

  3. Sally am happy you are back and doing what you love that is the most important thing everything else is a bonus.