Monday, November 22, 2010

I'm going on tour this week!

Clicking on the new icon on the left will tell you all about the upcoming blog tour that I'm on over the next 4 Wednesdays.

While I'm off visiting, I'll be hosting other wonderful Wild Rose Authors - my guests will be Maya Blake, Caroline Clemmons, PL Parker, and Nana Malone.

All of the gals are offering great giveaways, click on the picture to find out more, and I'm offering a prize of a lovely sparkly swarovski bling necklace and matching earrings - made by me - in either red or dark green, to give the winner something to wear over Christmas.
To win my prize, just comment after any of my blog entries where I've been a visitor, I'm starting off visiting Rae Summers, then Amy Corwin, Amber Leigh Williams and Rachel Brimble. I'll introduce my visitors and put in a link to where I am, so follow the link and comment to claim the prize.

Also, I'm asking that commenters wishing to claim the prize follow me, so if you're not doing so already, remember to click the follow button on the sidebar and join in!

x Sally

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