Sunday, November 7, 2010

Modern Heat - Why are they together?

Well, there’s Mills and Boon Modern (aka Harlequin Presents) and Mills and Boon Modern Heat (aka Modern Extra).

The guidelines state that the difference between these two lines is that the Modern Heat hero is younger, maybe not so rich, but definitely powerful and charismatic. The heroines are feisty and modern. Guidelines are good, but there’s nothing like reading to see the differences – and to make it easier I’ve taken 24 modern heats, put them into a spreadsheet, and crunched em to see if there are any themes that repeat.

And guess what? There are!

She’s working for him                                       7

Help distract the paparazzi                               4

Wild affair required (by her or him)                    6

Ex’s                                                               5

Forced into business together                          2

Hero jobs? Tycoons, a title or two, millionaires and a couple of comfortably off, but not off the scale heroes too. Some of the millionaires aren’t obviously so.

So, if you’re putting a couple together in a modern heat environment, have a think. How could they be forced together? Any new ideas?


  1. Wow, Sally, that's a cool idea! I probably haven't got anything new actually. Thinking about the stories I've got going now, I've got exes when she's working for him, not exes but she's still working for him, big brother's best friend checking up on her (hmmm, different maybe?). Oh and I've got a story where he's working for her. Hehe.

  2. The last one, Jackie! I'm thinking of writing about a tough female tycoon, and the waiter that spills a drink on her maybe?

  3. Great stats Sally! Oh the pain and torture of research ;)

  4. I'm lucky, Lacey. I could still be in the meat export business! (Tripe 8, hinds 4, etc)

  5. Hero and heroine trapped on an island (hot 'n' exotic of course). She's a housekeeper (running away from her past) and he's a billionaire (paparazzi fodder) hero - running away from some unfounded scandal. Caroline ;)

  6. My WIP is definitely a case of Wild Affair Needed. By both him and her!

    Jackie - I love the idea of him working for her.

  7. I love the sound of your wip Romy - must admit I like those wild affair needed stories!