Thursday, September 27, 2012

Just out - my new Book - Angel All Year

My latest story, Angel All Year,  is a shorter than normal one for me, it's 12,000 words, so longer than a short story, and shorter than a novella... It is new on Amazon today and available now.

Here's the blurb and my lovely new cover... the cover was designed by Angie-O Creations.

Being dead sucks.
Angela Reilly doesn’t like being an Angel. She’d much prefer to be the bride she was on the day she died. Instead of the life she’d dreamed of, she gets to watch her heartbroken husband fall to pieces in the year after her death, without a hope of offering comfort.

Lucen Bright is new angel Angela’s mentor, a job he’s finding increasingly difficult as he falls in love with his ward. Tasked with helping Angela move on in the afterlife, he must be there for her as her husband falls in love with someone new – not an easy task considering he tried to kill the man who replaced him in his own wife’s affections.

Romance’s flame flickers as Lucen and Angela grow closer. But when her husband Tom dies, will Angela re-unite with the love of her life – or pledge herself to the love of her afterlife?

Available at Amazon UK and .Com  now!



  1. Gorgeous story, gorgeous cover!

    I'm a big fan of this story, Sally, it's so different, and full of emotion and romance. Lucen is one hot angel!

  2. I love this story too, Sally, it's absolutely fantastic. xx

  3. Thanks, Jodie and Rachel, I really loved writing this story, and I'm so glad you both liked it :)

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  5. Beautiful cover Sally. Very eye-catching! Sounds like an emotional ride, I'm off to grab a copy now! :)

  6. Thanks, Madeline, I hope you love it!