Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Coming in July...

Love On The Vine has a release date!
11 July 2012.

It's from the Wild Rose Press, and is part of their 'The Flower Basket' series, set in Almendra in California. This story has a sweet rating, which means lots of smoulder, but no 'spicy' stuff - perfect for those who find my spicy stuff too hot! It features a sexy french vineyard owner, transplanted into California soil, and the woman (daughter of the man determined to destroy him) who he needs to help him launch his new vintage...

Here's an excerpt...
Her eyes sparkled and shone, and her cheeks were pink. Her body moved in perfect harmony with the relentless beat.
Ice chilled his top lip as Etienne took a long swallow of his drink and smiled back. With any luck, she wouldn’t see how much her dancing affected him.
With a flip of her hand, she pointed at her feet, mouthing watch. A mock frown creased her brow.
Of course, he’d watch her, he couldn’t drag away his gaze as her feet repeated the steps. The pattern didn’t look too hard. And he’d always had a good sense of rhythm.
The music faded. Bella returned quickly to the table and picked up her glass. “Okay, so those are the basics.” She drank deeply. “Are you ready to try it?”
“I’d prefer to just watch you.” He trailed a finger down her cheek, feeling the sharp tug of attraction as her eyes darkened to jade. “You look beautiful.”
“So do you.” She tilted up her chin.
Etienne stood and snaked a hand around her waist to hold her close.
At the action, her lips parted and her eyelashes fluttered closed.
She looked like a woman who wanted to be kissed. Instead, he moved his lips to her ear, speaking words intended for her alone. “Would you like me to kiss you?” He felt her shiver. “If you do, you have to tell me, remember?”
Her long, dark eyelashes fluttered and her eyes opened, staring straight into his.
The arousal in their depths stunned Etienne to his core.
“I want you to kiss me,” she murmured.
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