Saturday, February 25, 2012

Behave yourself!!

Or if you don't want to - join Judy Jarvie's Nanny....

Nanny Behaving Badly is FREE for the weekend!!

Nanny Behaving Badly by Judy Jarvie and published by E-scape Press is exclusively free this weekend only from the Amazon Kindle store.
Only free today (Saturday) and tomorrow, so don't miss it, pop over to Amazon and pick up a copy.
Clicking on the cover above takes you to
And if you are in UK-here's the uk link
So, who's in it - and what's it all about? Here's what Judy says...
1 The Hero: Lyle Sutherland is a racing driver with banter, brawn and brains.
2 The Heroine: Maddie Adams means well but sometimes (ouch, erk) she gets it wrong. It’s fun to watch the fallout (hopefully).
3 It’s about naughty behaviour between consenting adults – a rollercoaster romance.
The blurb –
Strong, silent-type single dad hires wild streak nanny—off-limits opposites attract.

Maddie Adams hopes for a smooth ride in her new temporary coffee shop job so she doesn’t mean to make the worst impression possible with the handsome cafĂ© owner, Lyle Sutherland. His suggestion that she becomes his son’s replacement nanny shocks them both. When attraction and passion are unleashed between boss and sassy super nanny, Lyle’s secrets and a shock pregnancy challenge old wounds.
Judy's blog is Why not pop in and tell her you've grabbed her nanny?


  1. Thanks for the encouragements Sally! Looking forward to promo of your next book soon on my blog! Judy

  2. Ooh, thanks for the heads-up, Sally

  3. Just wanted to say an extra big thanks for your help and tips Sal - you helped hugely.

  4. You're welcome, Judy! And congratulations, I see the Nanny has taken over Amazon completely (you'll have to put the kids to bed on your own then...)