Monday, July 18, 2011

What's the story?

In all last week's excitement, I realise now I haven't given a run down of what my new book Marrying Cade is about! So - just for you, here's the inside track...

When half Irish, half Italian Melo Bellucci first met Cade West they were both teenagers.
Traumatised by his father's death, Cade is holidaying with a friend on the island she lives on, the idyllic Isola dei Fiori. The hours they spend together are balm for Cade's wounded soul - but he has no idea that Melo is infatuated. So much so, she confides to her sister, "When I grow up, I'm marrying Cade."
The story begins twelve years later, when Cade returns to the island as best man at Melo's sister's wedding. She's determined to show him she's grown up, and make him aware of her as a woman. Melo's caring nature means she's inherited the whole nightmare of planning her sister's wedding extravaganza - but when Cade catches sight of her, the gleam in his eyes warms her heart, and heats her blood.
Her mission has been accomplished - and how!
As they spend long days together, Melo realises the man is very different from the boy she'd fancied herself in love with once, long ago. Workaholic Cade had vowed to put business aside for his brief stay for the wedding, but when a chance comes his way to buy land on the island to site his new hotel, he has to take it.
He's used to casual romances - and guards his heart fiercely, but can't resist Melo...who could?

If only he'd known that beautiful Paradise Beach belonged to Melo...and there are two plans for Paradise...

Marrying Cade is a spicy, summer read available now: and