Wednesday, July 13, 2011

#MarryingCadeWave Stop Ten – The final stop!

It’s launch day my new book, Marrying Cade, and to celebrate, I’m having a Mexican wave of excerpts! You can keep up with the wave’s progress on the twitter hashtag #MarryingCadeWave – and add a tweet with the hashtag to chat with everyone else who’s reading along!

Here’s how to do it…these are the stops, just call in to these blogs to read each excerpt (they start at stop one, and finish at stop ten). Alternatively, start wherever, and click on the next stop link at the bottom of the excerpt. Or just click on the buy link, to get your own copy of Marrying Cade!

Stop One – Talli Roland’s blog
Stop Two – Maya Blake’s blog
Stop Three – Nas Dean’s blog
Stop Four – Joanne Cole's Blog
Stop Five – Romy Sommer’ blog
Stop Six – Lorraine Wilson’s blog
Stop Seven – Joanne Pibworth’s blog
Stop Eight – Suzanne Jones’ blog
Stop Nine – Lacey Devlin’s blog
Stop Ten – Sally Clements’ blog - you're here!
And to read a review from a reader who has read it... do visit,
Madeline Ash's blog.

Stop Ten’s excerpt…

Her eyes widened slightly, and her lips parted a miniscule amount. Her skin was perfect, soft and tanned without the addition of make-up. The curve of her neck led down to a tantalizing glimpse of cleavage.
Maybe this wedding wouldn’t be such a chore after all.


Melo swallowed and climbed into the driver’s seat. She’d been sure of her mission when she started out, but now, with the adult Cade in the seat next to her, her heart was doing the cha-cha, and she wasn’t sure she had the nerve to carry it out. He’d changed. His hair was long, brushing his shoulders, parted slightly off-centre, and long at the front too, pushed away from his face. He was as dark as ever, though. And his unshaven jaw was unbelievably sexy. He hadn’t needed to shave the last time she’d seen him. Her fingers still tingled with the memory of touching his stubble. What would it feel like under her tongue? Her nipples tightened into hard nubs under the lace of her bra.
He was taller too. A good couple of inches taller than Adam, who easily topped six two. When his warm lips had brushed her cheek, her eyes were just about level with his mouth. His shoulders too were wider, lean and muscled under the black shirt open at the neck, showcasing a faint dusting of dark hair. The last time he’d been on Isola dei Fiori they’d swum together in the sea every day. Swimming with him now would be a completely different experience. At the mere thought of an almost naked Cade, heat swept through her.
“Buckle up.” She spun the Mercedes in a spray of gravel, and sped away from The Fiori Hotel down the road to the villa.

I’d like to thank all my wonderful friends for letting me take over their blogs for the day with the #MarryingCadeWave!

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  1. I journeyed my way from 1 -’s how it went:

    1 - I go to Stop Two, but not before saying what a clever idea this is.
What a great way to tweak the interest of potential readers - and, my curiosity has been piqued.
    2 - The hook is in, now I'm just playing on the line...
off to Stop Three for me!
    3 - The mounting tension continues...
I rush out the door...but not before a visit to Stop Four!

    4 - Stop I come with the hook firmly holding me to the line.

    5 - The line is taut...the hook pulls hard...nowhere to go but over to Stop Six.
    6 - Intrigued and still firmly attached to the line, the slow steady reeling in begins...
off to Stop Seven I go.
    7 - I've made my way this far, with curiosity still holding me firmly attached to the hook...I am not ready to let it's off to Stop Eight, I've taken the bait!
    8 - It just keeps should I say...worthy of another nibble at the bait, ahhh, such is the way of the hook...and so, it's off to Stop Nine for me and the line!
    9 - The power of the written play, to release, to pull and to hold...the line is strong, with just enough tension that I head to Stop Ten.

    10 - Firmly caught!
    I have added your book to my “must read” list. This was a very creative way to “hook and reel in” the reader, you certainly did so with me.

    Congratulations on this amazing piece of work!

    Cheers, Jenny
    I have added myself as a Follower to you and your posse of “Stops” along the way!

  2. Congrats on your launch, Sally - I'm thrilled to be a part of it!

  3. Happy release day, Sally! I also went around to all stops and it's been interesting, I'm so glad to be part of it all!

  4. Hi Jenny - yay! I'm so glad you enjoyed the wave exactly the way I'd hoped! Thanks so much for following and commenting!

    Thanks so much Talli and Nas, I really enjoyed seeing the book flow from blog to blog, it was a real buzz!

  5. Thanks for the ride, Sally! I loved every stop along the way: the fact that I'd already read it didn't lessen the fun! Such a brilliant idea, it's definitely created a buzz over your book. All the best, and thanks for including me in the action :)

  6. Thanks so much for helping, Madeline!

  7. What a cool idea! So glad I stumbled on to this.

  8. Just landed from the Mexican wave ride. What a great idea!

  9. Hi Vivian, thanks for visiting! Hi Kate, glad you enjoyed the ride!