Saturday, July 16, 2011

What's in a name?

I've been thinking about names today with the news that Kate Hudson has named her new baby Bingham Hawn, and Posh and Becks have called theirs Harper Seven. Celebrity baby names are nothing new - after Peaches, Pixie, Apple and Sparrow, it's almost a given that a celebrity might go with something unusual....

Contrasting it with fiction - JK Rowling of course has Harry, Hermione and Ron, as well as some wonderful wizardy names, and I like reading fiction with characters with real names, as it's less distracting!

What do you think? Weird or Trad?

Oh, and incidentally, I'm over at Romance at Random today, talking about Irish Romance. There's a chance for free books too.


  1. I tend to like more traditional names. I hate having to stumble over hard-to-pronounce names. I'm also like you, sometimes over-the-top names can distract my attention away from the story.

  2. I'm tending towards traditional over super strange. Or I like a good reason why. Although some authors manage to pull a great one out of the bag that adds to the character.
    Have fun with those names, Sally.
    Using Billy Connolly as ref point - Aurora Borealis anyone?

  3. I think anything that messes up the flow for the reader can be distracting Tracey.
    Saw BC live on stage about 20 years ago, Judy - he's hilaaarious!

  4. My daughters both have traditional English names, so does that answer your question?