Friday, September 17, 2010

New Look - New Voices - And knickers

1. New Look.

A quickie post - I'm experimenting with new looks for Love and Chocolate, so I started with this one. Flying birds in the corner seems sort of Autumnal, and it sure is Autumnal in Ireland here today (or even downright wintery!). I've added a followers button to the screen, so if anyone would like to click it, go ahead!

2. New Voices.

Lots of interesting reads over on New Voices, the Mills & Boon writing contest, I'm giving a shout out to the Minxes who have entered: That's Lorraine Wilson and Joanne Pibworth, Click on their names to go to their entries if you haven't already. And if you're finding it impossible to keep it all straight, head on over to Lovely Lacey Devlin's site, and check out her wall of fame.  just click on Lacey's name to have a look!

3. Knickers.

Into the warm autumn ones. With long johns to follow in a couple of months. Ah, the changing of the seasons, eh? You may be wondering why I'm mentioning knickers in this blog post? Well, it's a Talli Roland inspired experiment - more later!


  1. I'm all for the comfy ones. Knickers, that is. Though I rather like comfy men too. If they make a nice cup of tea. Jx

  2. Oooo I'm loving the new look. Where has the year gone? Is the rest of the world really already in the cooler months?!

    Yay for NV and entered minxes! Thanks so much for the shoutout and the link! :)

  3. Go Minxes! Warm knickers eh? Our turn to be smug since we're heading into spring... :-)

  4. Sally, I'm so with you on the knickers front! It's ridiculously cold in Cork right now, feels more like December than September. I always know it's really cold when the kids look for their hoodies, those boys would go outside naked if I let them! But when they start rooting around for extra layers, you know you're hitting the winter.

  5. Heating went on here this morning.
    Southern softies, I know!


  6. Hi Jane - tea making is a definite hero attribute!
    Hi Lacey - might have to come visit you if this cold keeps up.
    Hi Jackie - in to the bikini briefs then?
    Hi Aideen - we must get together for the long planned meet up with the rest of the irish gals!
    Hi Rachel - Ooh major heating envy here. Will have to bring in some logs and fire up the range in the next couple of days!

  7. Yes, we're wearing warm knickers in Scotland, too.

    Thought I'd been following you for ages - shocked to find I havent been. Will remedy that at once.


  8. Thanks, Suz! For some reason I didn't have the followers thingy up on my blog, think I might have had it at one stage, but it got lost sometime. Thanks for following!!

    knickers wise, think I might just jump straight into long johns!

  9. Definitely pop by and visit. No warm knickers here! We may as well not have winter for all the impact it makes ;).

  10. Lacey, I'm beyond jealous. No wonder you're always so cheerful!