Monday, September 27, 2010

Congratulations and Commiserations

Chocolates, champagne, and congratulations to the 10 winners of the New Voices Competition - well done all on catching the editors eye and progressing through to the next round!

And chocolates, champagne and hugs to the 800 odd who didn't manage to get through to the next round. There were some fantastic entries, and great writing, and I know you must all be feeling truly gutted not to have been in the lucky top 10.  In the days and weeks to come, there's time to gird your loins and let determination and true grit take over and launch back into the pond again. But for now, take care of yourselves - it's natural to feel down and deflated. I always feel cr*p after suffering a knock, everyone does. Rant, grieve and have a cry if you feel like it.

And when you're ready, remember old Clark Gable,

Tomorrow is another day.


  1. "Gird your loins" lol! It's so rare that you can sneak that phrase in! Yay for submitting the old fashioned way :).

  2. Hi Lacey!! Yup, I like to try and slip gird your loins in wherever I can! Easier than 'clench your buttocks'

  3. Ha! Slip in a 'clench your buttocks' next time. I dare you!