Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Go Minxes!

As you know I'm a Minx of Romance, and in the spirit of minx support, here are the entries that my fellow minxes have in the New Voices Competition over at M&B. The first round is almost over, so if you're so inclined, pop over and have a read and a vote if you like, before the finalists go into chapter 2....

Lorraine Wilson
Title: In Too Deep
Ex-army officer Hal Wright has recovered from his battle wounds but not from his survivor guilt. Asked to look out for Evie Richards as a 
favour he agrees. But she's proven she can save herself. Trusting again? That's another matter entirely...

Joanne Pibworth
Title: Sequins and Secrets
Take one burlesque star with a huge glittering genie lamp. Add one Aussie hot-shot with three sinful wishes. What do you get? The perfect recipe for a very grown up fairy tale.

Suzanne Jones
Title: Manhunt
Nicole Adams is convinced Angelo Russo is a hero. He's not so sure about that - experience has made him cautious. Can Nicole summon the courage to tell Angelo who she really is? And, if she does, will it ruin their relationship?

Romy Sommer
Title: Valentino's Angel
Sylvie and Valentino are like oil and water, but the spark between them is undeniable. When fate throws them together, they discover that the person who seems completely wrong for you might actually be completely right.

And I'm just waiting for one or two more minxes to enter, and when I do, I'll update here, so check tomorrow!

~Here's a new minx just entered~

Sri Pammi
Title: Claiming Her Italian Magnate
Alessandro Moretti has never coveted something that wasn't his. Until he meets Rachel. After a lifetime of running away from relationships, Rachel Taylor has met the man worth stopping for. Will Alessandro unlock his heart before Rachel runs again?

~And last, but by no means least~

Joanne Cleary
Title: Taming the Lion
Trent Cooper's rugby playing days are over and he needs a diversion from endless physio--enter nurse Rachel Simpson who has secrets she's not sharing ..

So that's 6 minxes out of 8. Maya and I are no shows because we can't enter under the rules.

Also, minx pal Jackie is still storming the entries with her excellent entry, Talking Dirty with the CEO - Well done, Jackie!

Best of luck all!


  1. Yey. Excellent entries all! Very exciting. jx

  2. Go Minxes! And thanks heaps for the shoutout, Sally!

  3. Go Minxes! All fab entries! I'm feeling deprived that we don't get a Sally chapter (but I won't boo the publishing lol) Go Sally ;)

  4. Hi Judy! I'm heading over to Embrace now to leave you a comment!
    Hi Jackie - you deserve it, pal. Great writing!!
    Hi Lacey - yup, me too. On the plus side, I've done lots of writing and am nearly finished a new one, are you entering? Dying to read your entry, go for it!
    The levels change over on NV all the time, but I'm very proud that all 5 minxes currently entered (still waiting for one more!!) are in the top 3 points wise at the moment!

  5. I've read some of these entries, and intend reading more. Gee, what a tough competition to judge. I wish you ladies all the best.

    Suzanne :)