Monday, January 9, 2012

Review link

Turning the Pages have just given  a review today too Bound to Love. Amongst other lovely things, the review said:

Overall, a fun and exciting read. With vivid backgrounds, fiesty characters and a thrilling storyline, this is a story that I could actually see being made into a major motion picture.

You can read the full review here
Thanks again to everyone who's ever given me a review. I've been reading a lot of debate today which suggests that authors shouldn't comment on their reviews, so I won't be doing it in future, but would like to say that I appreciate them.


  1. Thanks, Talli! Just saw a new one on Amazon uk...another great one, doing happy dance again!

  2. LOL! Great review :) Congratulations, Sally!

  3. why is that, Sally? I'd have thought it would be a good thing?

  4. Hi Lacey, Hi Jo! Thank you!
    Jo, the debate is that if authors go to the reviewers site and leave a thank you (which I always do, no matter what the review is like) it stifles any comments on the reviewers site, because the author is there. And because I'm always excited and thankful, it might give the impression that I'm a friend, rather than someone who's just had a book reviewed. The current thinking seems to be that writers should write, and not interact publicly with reviews, so people can have honest discussions and stuff, without the writer, because it is all about the book, not the writer. I find this difficult, because I want to say thank you, so in future I'll be sending a private 'thank you' to reviewers, and just posting a small excerpt and link.