Saturday, January 21, 2012

Bound to Love - Free today and tomorrow!

It was such a rush making Bound to Love free at the beginning of the month that I'm doing it again this weekend, so if you haven't got a copy for your Kindle, do pop over to Amazon and pick it up today or tomorrow!

Here are the links:


or, if you're in the UK....


With my last free giveaway, 19,000 copies were downloaded - wonder what will happen this time?

Happy weekend, everyone!

Update: Day one of two at free and over 8,000 giveaways! I'm currently #24 free in the kindle store, #3 in romantic suspense, and #5 in contemporary romance - woo!
And another update: Day two of free resulted in another 5,500 giveaways.

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  1. Hi Sally, Alan Swan here from Hector's show on 2fm. Heard how well the book offer is going! Would you be available for a quick chat? Kind regards, Alan