Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I need TV

All my favourite shows are on a break, and I'm suffering withdrawl symptoms.

No Good Wife. No Greys. No Dr Who, Not even an Eureka....
I've been reduced to watching documentaries about the economy (and I live in Ireland, so that's not even remotely good news.)

All suggestions for 'new shows for me to watch' gratefully received. Because if I watch any more reruns I'll.....explode!


  1. Castle or Bones? That's if you like procedurals with a male/female romantic tension dynamic. Sometimes I like both those shows, other times they aggravate me for drawing things out too long! ;-)
    Not sure if you get it over there, but if you like Eureka, you may like Warehouse 13.

  2. Hart of Dixie? It's not an intense drama, though. It's more light, contemporary.

  3. New series of NCIS starts tonight (8 previous series if you haven't seen the show before)!! Also NCIS: LA new series started last week. Should be able to catch up on that too. New series of Desperate Housewives just started up too :-)

    Not sure you need anything else other than those!!

  4. The New Girl premièred recently, and it's hilarious!

  5. Thanks, guys, that's given me lots to try!