Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Learning from movies - The Second Turning Point

Turning points in Romance (with a capital R) are often the first kiss, the first lovemaking scene etc, but in Pretty Woman, these are not the turning point scenes, as Vivienne is a hooker, and lovemaking is her job.  Edward is completely different from her 'regular clients' . He is shy about sex, and orders champagne and strawberries to get her in the mood. He's focused on work, and is in no hurry to take her to bed, but eventually does.
At this point we learn that Vivienne will do anything, except kiss him on the mouth. Kissing on the mouth means something to her.
The next morning he's on the brick again, organising a business meeting. We learn that he's slept on the couch, but he's considerate. When Vivienne says she's leaving, he urges her to stay for breakfast, he's ordered everything on the menu from room service, because he doesn't know what she'd like.
~ And here comes the second turning point ~  When his lawyer urges him to take a date to a business dinner, he decides to make Vivienne an offer. She will be his companion for the week, for a total sum of $3,000.
Vivienne agrees. She tenderly ties Edward's tie for him, obviously falling for him. As he leaves, she follows him to the door (and at this point, I'm amazed that she's managed to dunk herself underwater in the bath, and still have perfect makeup). She's confident.
She says: "Baby, I'm gonna treat you so nice, you're never gonna want to let me go."
Edward smiles. "Three thousand, six days," he pauses for a beat, "and Vivienne, I will let you go."
Edward leaves, as Vivienne's face reveals her disappointment.
Then she grins. "But I'm here now."


  1. Oh, I'm enjoying these lessons and you're making me yearn to watch Pretty Woman again. I'd never quite seen it in that light. Thanks, Sally!

  2. And I thought *I* was the only one who knew the words to PW off by heart! LOL - Caroline x

  3. Glad you're enjoying it, Maya (I love pulling things apart!). And Caroline, its true. I do know PW pretty much by heart, but I'm checking on you tube too!

  4. PW was discussed in an English class last year at my university, where I moonlight as a mature student, in the context of the legend of Pygmalion. I was astonished that, with almost all girls in the class, though admittedly most were only between 19 and 22, no one else seemed to know the film particularly well. I guess it's an oldie to them, lol!

    I sat there and quoted extensively, and knew all the characters's names etc. Bit embarrassing, really.