Friday, August 6, 2010

I'm driving 'em wilde!

The 'good week' continues! I've just discovered that I'm one of three finalists in my category in the Drive ‘Em Wilde contest sponsored by Savvy Authors.

I sent in the first 10 pages of 'Marrying Cade' my current book, the partial of which is being looked at by Mills and Boon, so I'm really hoping they love it as much as the judges do.

There were 87 total entrants and 3 finalists.  I also received detailed crit sheets from 3 judges, who gave individual scores which were averaged to provide my total score. One lovely judge (an editor) gave me 99 out of 100, thank you so much, Ms Bas! The other scores of 89 and 95 were averaged to give me a total score of 94.

The next round is judged by the final judge in my category, Angela James with Carina Press who will pick the overall category winner, announcing over the next couple of weeks.



  1. Congrats Sally!! I finalled as well.

    Best of luck in the next round (I am soo nervous)

  2. Fab news, chica, and so very well deserved! More bubbly? Why not!

  3. Fantastic, Sally!! You're on a fabulous roll aren't you?

  4. Congrats Sally! I've got my fingers crossed for you!

  5. Thanks, everyone! I entered the comp to get the critiques, so was delighted to get them. The thought of AJ reading the story is an added bonus!

  6. What a wonderful score. Fabulous news. May it keep coming. jx

  7. Brilliant news, Sally! How do you do it all I wonder? Must drop you a line begging for some tips!

    Lots of love,

  8. Thanks, Judy! Thanks, Rachel! The answer is easy, my house is a mess and its pizza for dinner WAY too often! Honestly though, its been a week that I've never had before, and will probably never have again, but am jolly glad to have had!

  9. Sally, I'm quite behind...but yay you! Many congrats, and best of luck!