Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Really superstitious...

Now, back to the usual programming. The previous post, although requested and useful to 2 at least, was rather like getting a parcel from Ann Summers and ripping it open to find... a calculator. Not really what I'm about, so here's more of the usual stuff.

As you know, like many of us I'm NTAI as regards the presents competition. Also have one full out there and one partial, which I'm also waiting for a reply about. I wondered, this afternoon, if there was anything I could do to keep things going my way, so to speak. Here's what I've been doing so far:

1. Wearing underwear inside out. My mum told me it was good luck.
2. Spilling salt on the floor then throwing it over my left shoulder. (Sorry for hitting the person lurking behind me).
3. Crossing fingers.
4. Willing good news my way, as per last year's hit, The Secret.
5. Leaving spiders unhoovered. Especially money spiders.
6. Touching wood, stuffed a wooden spoon down my bra.
7. Not walking under ladders.
8. Wrapped the mirror in bubble wrap, makes putting on mascara rather a hit and miss affair though.
9. Turning the horseshoes on the outside of my house so they catch luck, rather than let it fall out.
10. Staying well away from black cats, the dogs helping with this one.

My only worry is that when the call comes, I'll slip on the gritty floor, be unable to pick up phone with crossed fingers, damage my essentials with the spoon and be attacked by a room full of spiders.

What else should I be doing? Any ideas?


  1. Sally,

    Really enjoyed this post.


  2. I always imagine the worst. Somehow this means the best will happen. No, I don't know why it should work that way either! Technically I do it so that I won't be disappointed when the worst does happen but...I always am disappointed when it does! Perhaps I need to try thinking positively for a change! :-)
    Hope you get good comp news. I've got my lucky undies on for my synop. ;-)

  3. Seriously funny stuff Sally! I think if you do anything more you really will end up damaging yourself! Good luck with the spider attack though, it was nice knowing you ;)

  4. I didn't know that one about mirrors and bubble wrap. Oh dear, maybe that's why I haven't had The Call yet!

  5. Glad it made you giggle Barbara, ,make sure you have your undies on inside out Jackie, Lacey, I hate spiders! and Romy, bubble wrap so as not to drop them and get 7 years bad luck. Think I've already had mine!

  6. Falling up the stairs is meant to be good luck - or is that just lucky if you don't break something?

    Keeping everything crossed you'll get good news soon.


  7. The wooden spoon sounds hilarious, never mind VPL, how about VSL?! Hope you haven't got splinters :-)

    I'll join you in willing some good news for both of us, at least that only requires mental effort!

  8. lol hilarious. The power of positive thinking. They say by being positive it sends vibes into the universe. I hope the universe gets my vibes.
    Oh another thing is to pray, so while you're down on your knees say one for me too please. :)