Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Onwards and upwards

I'm lurking in the no man's land between Christmas and New Year. The time when Christmas is fading into memory, and the family have left, and yet the New Year resolutions have yet to be set in stone. Its a funny time, full of random memories, not all of them pleasant, and lingering regrets. My blue period.
2009 was a good year, writing wise, and in 2010 I intend to focus even more keenly on my writing, and get stuff done.
Here's whats on my to do list for the New Year.

To complete revisions of Bound to Love for an interested publisher, and this time really make them rock so much that they 'win' publication. That's January sorted then and probably half of February.

To finalise book proposal for a factual book I'm working on.

To rewrite and edit my 2009 Nano book, Posthumous, and send it out to a few agents and publishers.

To start my new romance, 'Marrying Cade.' And to submit the partial to Mills and Boon.

And on stuff already out there........
I've got my 'beaming positive thoughts' hat, and I'll be putting it to good use in 2010.

To hear back from the agent who's reading Undercurrents. This is sort of out of my control, but I'm sending positive thoughts out there and willing good news.

To hear back from Mills and Boon on the partial of Catch me a Catch, also out of my control somewhat, but on with the 'beaming positive thoughts' helmet and sending it out there.

My To Do list is now out of my head and on my blog. Now all I have to do is to follow it!

Happy New Year everyone...


  1. Joining you in sending positive thought for all your work out in the world. Here's to good news soon.


  2. sorry, that should have been 'thoughtS' - am sending lots of them.


  3. Sending lots of positive thoughts your way Sally, along with a hug for your blue period. Here's hoping that 2010 will bring you cause for celebration.

  4. I'm with all the lovely ladies above! Sending +ve vibes your way - good luck on the 2010 "to do" list - hope it is successful. Caroline x

  5. Excellent NY's resolutions. You'll be published soon, with all that you have out there and still in the pipeline...Can't wait to see those words on this blog!

  6. Wow! Thanks everyone - the support from all you guys makes my day. Here's to a great 2010 for all of us! We'll have to all get ourselves those Star Trek helmets!

  7. I love that pic btw - the helmets are fantastic. I want one! Here's my positive thoughts too. Hope 2010 is a good one for you!

  8. Thanks Jackie, and they're warm as well as positive thought beamers! All the best to you too for 2010!

  9. WOWSERS - you are gonna be one BUSY lady! Good luck with it all.


  10. What a busy bee you are!!! Good luck.