Thursday, November 26, 2009

Romantic Hero Top Ten Don'ts.

Well, in the romance writing world, there are plenty of 'Alpha Hero' info blogs, and this is my collection of Don'ts, the things that Romantic Alphas should never be caught in print doing.

1. Go to the toilet. Or even think about going to the toilet. Ever.
2. Use anything other than foreign expletives or Damn It! (unless in Bridget Jones books, in which case go ahead).
3. Run out of money.
4. Dodgy disco dancing - they can dance a wicked tango though, especially in Abbey Green books.
5. Fall over - leave that to the heroine, and make sure always to catch her, preferably in strong, manly way.

6. Get any foodstuffs stuck in teeth (especially lettuce).
7. Wonder if they look good - they always do.
8. Look at another woman once they've met 'the one'.
9. Fall into a lake, and not be able to swim. (breaks two rules, see 5).
10. Snort with laughter while drinking coffee, causing unfortunate coffee through nose spray effect. Not a good look.

What have you had to edit out of your WIP's as showing your hero in a bad light? Comments?


  1. Great Post.
    Lawyer friend of mine was trying her hand at a romance novel. She decided her hero needed a flaw that heroine would help to heal. Flaw she came up with - erectile dysfunction. I think this (or similar) should be a definite DON'T!!

  2. Hi MMM. Am very politically incorrectly sniggering!

  3. wearing white shoes? Unless he's a runner?

    Love and chocolate. I have a chocolate safe. With a padlock. The keys are kept... but I'll never tell.

  4. Sally and Liz, I absolutely agree. White anything actually, except a white shirt...

  5. How about inappropriate / too much crying? We all know it's good to see an Alpha male in touch with his feelings but....outright blubbering as a no no. Take care. Caroline x

  6. Great post Sally! I'm still laughing.

  7. Love the picture of George Clooney.

    According to my CP, my previous hero thought too much about his mother. Seems there's a fine line between a devoted Alpha son and a mommy's boy.

  8. Hi Lacey - you know whats next, don't you? Heroines Donts. Working on it now!
    Hi Romy, Who doesn't love Clooney? I guess thinking of mummy could be dodgy if taken to excess. My critique complained of eating and drinking too much, so presumably food and drink shouldn't be taken to excess also!

  9. Oh Romy, I well and truly crossed that line in my Instant Seduction entry. Need to find where the line is before I do the rewrite!

    Fab post Sally!

  10. Wear grungy y-fronts? And/or pants up to their armpits. :-)
    Great list, Sally!

  11. Thanks guys - glad you enjoyed them!