Sunday, November 1, 2009


I think I love this moment more than any other. A new story, new characters, blank page. A new start. For the first time ever the lure of Nano has me so tightly in its grip that I cannot wait for the morning, cannot wait for the cold brightness of day, but instead sit at my computer with mere minutes to go, waiting.

In the moments before the first of November, I let my muse guide me. Compiling a new playlist - starting with Sting, the shape of my heart, then on to Bono and Clannad - In a lifetime, and then off into Sheryl Crowe country, with James Taylor's Fire and Rain making an entry in there somewhere.
Then setting up the page, making it all perfect as the clock counts down, before I type the title - Posthumous, at exactly one minute past midnight.
So, now an hour later I've passed my first thousand words, and feel free to go off to bed. Just a quick blogpost, an update of my word count, and off to work on the next thousand in my sleep.
What a month.


  1. Wow Sally - way to go - 3k on the 1st day. Super productive or what! I've done nothing today - and you have made me feel guilty enough to open up the latest wip and attempt to write something! Take care. Caroline x

  2. Lets hope I can keep it up Caroline! Writing a thriller, enjoying not having to focus on romance for a bit!

  3. WOW - now that's dedication!! I hope the word count continues to soar!!

  4. Thanks Rach! adding you to my blogroll...

  5. Great work Sally! You've totally put me to shame. I'll probably be cowering in a corner by the end of the month :P