Monday, March 25, 2013

Beating Konrath, but not Dan Brown

The Morning After is free for Kindle at the moment, with tomorrow being the last day free.
I checked on Amazon Canada a moment ago, and found that I was currently #2 in the free store.
I'm sandwiched between Dan Brown and J A Konrath, and as this is unlikely to ever happen again, and will doubtless be only the case for a millisecond, thought I'd share the screenshot.

If anyone would like to help me take over the top spot, The Morning After can be downloaded free for Kindle for any of the Amazon stores by clicking on the appropriate links below!


  1. Thanks, Les! (if only it was in the paid column!)

  2. Well done on your slot in the top two! I will try to download later. Had a Kindle for Christmas but haven't used it enough to get the hang of it yet!

  3. Last day free today, Joanne, hope you like it!