Friday, February 15, 2013

Lost in space

My email is kaput at the moment, so apologies to anyone who has been trying to reach me over the past couple of days....

I'm hoping to have it back in the next few days, but no doubt any emails will be lost, so if you've tried and got a bounce back or something, please contact me via my 'contact me' button on the right, which goes to my other email address.

Sorry! Am pulling my hair out here....

Oh, and p.s., Blaze is still free until the 16th! (scroll down for info and links)


  1. Hi Ms. Clements,
    Your Contact Me button didn't work for us.
    We're hoping you may be interested in being a guest on our group blog for writers and readers of romance, Romancing the Genres. RTG began in the United States two years ago. We now have regular bloggers who live in Canada, the UK, Australia and New Zealand, as well as a worldwide audience.

    For our Second Blog-o-versary Month in May, our guest theme is Romance Around the World. We'd love to schedule you as our guest on Saturday, May 18, to represent Irish romance authors and readers. If you haven't had a chance to visit us, check us out at
    Does this date work for you? Please respond by Feb28th to
    Thank you for considering our invitation, Sarah and Judith