Thursday, October 18, 2012

Ooh! A visit from a hot Spanish Billionaire!

I'm very excited to introduce my friend Rachel Lyndhurst's most recent release for Entangled Publishing's Indulgence series: The Spanish Billionaire's Hired Bride. If you've read Rachel before, you'll know that she writes hot, alpha heros, and Ricardo is another one to add to her stable. Tomorrow, Rachel will be gifting an ebook copy to one lucky reader, so pop along to her blog, read all about it, and leave a comment!

Here's the blurb:

He bought her with cold, hard cash, but can she stop him from stealing her heart?
Blackmailed to marry against his will, Ricardo Almanza needs a wife before he’s thirty, and time is running out. A notorious playboy, marriage is the last thing he wants, but his stepmother’s sexy, debt-ridden personal assistant is the perfect solution. He makes her a business deal she can’t refuse—one million euros for three months as his wife. He might even enjoy being married to her … if she doesn’t kick the crap out of him again.
Helen Marshall can’t believe she’s considering Almanza’s outrageous proposal, but she must help clear her parents’ debts or they face financial ruin. The small print on the marriage contract changes to read three months as his wife in every way—including in the bedroom. Has she gotten in too deep, or will she need a new contract addendum, extending their marriage forever?

The Spanish Billionaire's Hired Bride is available now from, and Barnes and Noble.
And you can find out more about Rachel and her books at her blog, facebook, goodreads and she's @RachelLyndhurst on twitter.

Congratulations, Rachel!


  1. Thanks, Sally! And Ricardo is blowing you a very sexy kiss ... ;0)

  2. Hey, Rachel, congrats!! This book looks-and sounds-delicious. Can't wait to read it! :-)

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