Thursday, June 21, 2012

Minx Jo published by Authonomy, a paperback cover reveal and a freebie alert!

First up - breaking FAB NEWS! Minx Jo Pibworth - aka Jodie James, has just sold to Harper Collins!!! WOO!
Find out all about it on the Authonomy website - where they have just announced that they will be having a competition to give her fabulous book, The Lighthouse, a new title. Minx success is coming hot and fast this year - and I'm delighted to be able to congratulate Jo on her achievement. There'll be more about it on the Minx blog tomorrow, and I'm sure she'll be blogging today too!

Competition details:

A book's title is just as important as its cover - these are the first things you notice, whether you're shopping for an ebook or a physical book. Jodie James' brilliant women's fiction needs a name that really does the story justice. And, we want you to help us choose it! We're inviting authonomy authors to use their creative minds and suggest a fitting title for Jodie's book.
The winning submission will win its creator a brand new bookshelf: 20 of HarperCollins' best titles from the genre of their choice. Oh, and they may just see their suggestion gracing the shelves of bookstores in a few month's time.To enter:
 Send your suggestions to
All entries must be submitted before UK midnight July 13th
The subject line needs to include the words Title Competition and your suggested title - e.g. Title Competiton: Little White Wedding chapel'
Please put your details in the body of the email. 

Good luck!

Sometime next week, Challenging Andie will be available everywhere in a paperback version, and I thought I'd share the paperback cover! I'm very excited about this, going self-published paperback is a new departure for me, and Challenging Andie will be followed by paperback versions of Bound to Love and Catch Me A Catch.

In early July, I have another new release, Love on the Vine will finally be available, so my next blog post will be all about that!

And to celebrate I'm having some giveaways!
Catch Me A Catch is going free on Amazon on 23 and 24 June - so do go and grab a copy, or if you've already got it, tell your friends!
And to launch Challenging Andie with a roar rather than a wimper, it will be going free as an ebook on Kindle on 25 and 26!


  1. Thanks lovely Sally!

    Lots of Luck with Challenging Andie, another Sally Clements smash in the making. I love your go-getting attitude, you're on fire!

  2. Wow, you're on fire, Sally! Congrats on all the great stuff happening.

    And congrats to Minx, too.

  3. Congratulations Jodie. Wonderful achievement. :)

  4. *squirts with water* feeling damper now jo and talli!
    Congrats again, Jo! Glad you're getting on with the next book & all going well, Talli, love writing a new one!
    Hi Suzanne, isn't it great? And I have to tell you, I've read it and its really fabulous!