Saturday, May 12, 2012

Lots of 'freeloads' and some nice reviews too...

I've had over 36,000 free downloads of The Morning After and Catch Me A Catch over the past 3 days, so thank you everyone who's grabbed themselves a copy, I hope you enjoy!

And thanks to 2 review sites that have posted reviews in the past day or so:

Romancing the book gave me a 'lovely rose' rating, which they describe as 'an enjoyable read, I would recommend it' (you can read the entire review here)

and Coffee Time Romance and More gave me a 4 cups review, saying:

I thoroughly enjoyed The Morning After. This book has everything you want in a story: a great plot, interesting settings and characters you want to hope for and believe in. Add that these things are all written in a fun, lighthearted way and it was easy to get lost in this story.

You can read the entire review here:

Thank you very much, both - I'm so glad you enjoyed The Morning After!


  1. And thank YOU for the books on Amazon, Sally!

  2. Thank YOU Sally, I cant wait to sink my teeth into Catch Me a Catch (my download). Thank you. Tash

  3. Congratulations! Those reviews are fabulous and that is an impressive number of downloads.

  4. My pleasure, Maria.
    Tash, I'm so glad you grabbed it - it's a taste of Ireland in the summertime - fiction, so less rain! Hope you enjoy.
    Thanks, D.J., it's great to find new readers, and even better to hear back that people liked my books!