Saturday, September 24, 2011

Lisdoonvarna & Six Sentence Sunday - Catch Me A Catch

My first book, Catch Me A Catch is about a West of Ireland matchmaking festival, where the matchmaker is ill, and his daughter has to stand in as matchmaker during the festival.

My inspiration for Catch Me, was the Lisdoonvarna Festival, which is run in Lisdoonvarna, in County Clare during September every year. So in honour of the fact that it is September again, and love is in the Irish air (amongst the raindrops!) I thought it was only fitting to share an interview that Willie Daly, the Lisdoonvarna Matchmaker, gave to Sky News last year.

More info on the festival - here!

And if you want to read a romance set in Ireland about a fictional festival, do check out Catch Me A Catch.

For Six Sentence Sunday here are six sentences from Catch Me A Catch, where my heroine, Annie, catches first sight of Jack...

A dark shadow, cast by a tall figure in the pub’s doorway, blocked the murky sunlight. Annie’s gaze locked on the stranger, his darkened features in shadow though sunlight outlined his tall, rangy frame. He walked straight up to Niall.

“I’m looking for Devine.” His deep voice was husky, like he hadn’t used it for a while.
Her skin prickled, the hairs on her arms standing to attention.

If you don't know about Six Sentence Sunday, click this link.
To read more of Catch Me A Catch, you can read a sample or look inside at the links below:

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  1. Sounds like he may have found who he's looking for, whether he knows it or not. :)

  2. Interesting six... i am intrigued xx

  3. Good Job, I enjoyed reading and look forward to more..

  4. Thanks for all the comments - glad it caught your attention! x

  5. Good to learn the inspiration behind it! Thanks, Sally - love the teaser, too.

  6. Very nice. I especially like 'murky sunlight', though it bothered me a little that you repeated 'shadow' and 'sunlight' in the first two sentences

  7. Thanks, all! And 1000th. monkey, fair point - hadn't noticed that!

  8. Well i have enjoyed it throughly, great stuff and content. Hoping for same stuff in your future blogs also.

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