Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Lovely new review just in...

A four star review on my Marrying Cade listing materialised today...

The Long and Short of It Romance Reviews said:

A palate cleanser in word form! This is an excellent, refreshing book just perfect for the dog days of summer. A well-written, entertaining novel to make you say "aah" when you reach the end.

The plot isn't a new one. Boy meets girl, girl falls in love with him, but she is too young. They meet up again at a wedding, and sparks fly. It's the details that keep this novel from being trite. The exotic Italian setting lent itself beautifully to wedding festivities and romantic moments. The family winemaking tradition also allowed for interesting plot twists and turns.

Our heroine is a lovely mix of modern femininity mixed with the "good" Italian daughter. Having a slightly misogynistic father who also happens to be very ill adds to her sense of duty as well as her desire to stand up for herself.

The hero, true to form, wishes to remain a bachelor, but has feelings for our heroine. His history with the family entwines him in the business controversy and his friendship with the groom causes the involvement in the wedding. His interest in Melo causes the story to become more interesting.

Be assured of some romantic tension, exotic locales, and a happily every after for all parties involved.

Grab your sunhat, lounge chair and an icy beverage - then kick back and enjoy this lovely romance!

Originally posted at the Long and Short of It Romance Reviews

I've been remiss in posting the reviews as they come in for Marrying Cade, this is the 13th - so if you'd like to read all of them, or download a sample for your Kindle, do pop over to Amazon and have a read.
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