Saturday, May 14, 2011

Who knows anything about audio books?

I don't listen to audio books. I guess I never really thought much about them, but today I've been listening to excerpts of romances read by a variety of people as teasers, and I noticed how different they can be.
I've also discovered that audio books can be unabridged or abridged. If they're unabridged, they are just as written, and if abridged sometimes 60% or as low as 30% of the story can be left after elements are tightened up, and in some cases, entire plot threads stripped away.
I'd love to know more from authors who've had experience in going through this process - I'm sure there are plus and minuses on both sides, and I find the whole thing rather interesting!  If anyone's got anything to share, do comment!
On another note, I've had another lovely review just in for Bound to Love, this one from To Read, Perchance to Dream. You can read the entire here, or as usual, click on my reviews tab to read it.


  1. Sally, had a few experiences with them. First was my first novel, "The Death of Tarpons" which was made into an audio book unbeknownst to me. The Texas state library or some state agency and was given to blind folks. No royalties paid and I was never asked for permission, but since it seems it was for a good cause, I assume it's okay.

    Second, was two of my business books were made into audio books also and that was a great experience. They were made in the mid-90s and are still selling today and I still get healthy royalties from them along with the print royalties. The publisher did get my permission and also sent the rough copy to me for my okay and they turned out wonderfully. They did like most do--hired a professional to read them. A terrific experience with these folks!

    Congrats on another great review on "Bound to Love!"

  2. Congratulations on the review, Sally.

    We used to listen to a lot of audio books in the car when Daughter was younger. Harry Potter was a great favourite and when I have one of my books made into an audio book, I'm hoping Stephen Fry will agree to narrate as he was fantastic. Of course, it would help if I got an actual book published first, I suppose.

    Have you packed that party dress yet?


  3. Thanks for letting me know your experiences about it, Les. I'm so curious about things, I thought it would be interesting to find out! And thanks for the review shout!
    Hi, Suz. I bet S Fry would be delighted. He'd be great wouldn't he?
    Party dress ready to rock...