Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Paperback version of Bound to Love update!

I've discovered that at the moment are giving a lead time of within one to two months for delivery of the paperback version of Bound to Love. I'm not very happy about this, and am trying to sort it out, as I would hate to think of people having to wait so long for their copy! I notice WH Smith are stating a lead time of 4 or more weeks for it, whereas Waterstones are stating a couple of days, so if you are offered a ridiculously long lead time, shop around!

My advice in the meantime, is if you visit the site and find that they are still suggesting a lead time of one to two months, that you buy it from Salt Publishing direct instead, as they have plenty of copies available for instant dispatch, and are offering a 20% discount on the cover price of £7.99 when you add it to the cart, altering the amount to £6.39.

Sorry about this everyone, and hopefully the situation at Amazon uk will be sorted soon! They have stock in and Salt will also ship worldwide with that 20% discount.

Here's a  link for anyone needing it!

In other news, I'm answering minxy questions on the minxes site today!

And an update update, now are stating a 2-5 week delivery time, so it's getting better, but not quite good enough for me yet... watch this space!


  1. What a bummer :-( Hope they sort it out quickly for you, Sally.

    Of course peeps can always download it onto their Kindle or iPhone like I've done. Jake is to die for :-)

  2. Wow to that lead time. Luckily there are so many other ways to buy it :)

  3. Isn't he just, Jo? I love him too!
    I know, Lacey, I just wanted to let people know that if they are offered a rotten delivery option they should check elsewhere...I hate waiting!

  4. How frustrating. Hope it's sorted soon.