Saturday, July 31, 2010

D'oh I missed my own birthday!

Yup, it's true. Love and Chocolate was ONE on 16th July, and I missed it. No cake, no champers, no pressies. To make it up to my blog, I'm reprising one of my favorite blog posts from the last year, The Romantic Hero Top 10 Don'ts. Enjoy!

Well, in the romance writing world, there are plenty of 'Alpha Hero' info blogs, and this is my collection of Don'ts, the things that Romantic Alphas should never be caught in print doing.

1. Go to the toilet. Or even think about going to the toilet. Ever.
2. Use anything other than foreign expletives or Damn It! (unless in Bridget Jones books, in which case go ahead).
3. Run out of money.
4. Dodgy disco dancing - they can dance a wicked tango though, especially in Abbey Green books.
5. Fall over - leave that to the heroine, and make sure always to catch her, preferably in strong, manly way.
6. Get any foodstuffs stuck in teeth (especially lettuce).
7. Wonder if they look good - they always do.
8. Look at another woman once they've met 'the one'.
9. Fall into a lake, and not be able to swim. (breaks two rules, see 5).
10. Snort with laughter while drinking coffee, causing unfortunate coffee through nose spray effect. Not a good look.

What have you had to edit out of your WIP's as showing your hero in a bad light? Comments?

(This is also a shameless opportunity to print pictures of heros...)


  1. Happy birthday, Love & Chocolate, may you have a long and healthy life :-)

  2. Happy blog birthday!

    My male heros... hm. I can't think of anything I've edited out at the moment but I'm sure there's plenty!

  3. Happy Blog Birthday Sally! I remember this one :)