Thursday, September 10, 2009

Alessandro overload!

This week I'm suffering from an overload of Alessandro's. Just like the next girl I love a good Alessandro, but this Italian is getting around. Okay, he's not always Italian, in Penny Jordan's book he's Sicilian (The Sicilian Boss's Mistress) and pictured on the cover with his hand sliding seductively up a lady he has prone on the bed, but its him alright, this time going under the surname Leopardi. I'd recognise Alessandro anywhere.
His eyes were so dark it was impossible to see their colour, and they were unreadable.

He's wooing Leonora, and it seems a love that would last forever. Until that is, he meets Megan in Cathy William's (The Multi-Millionaire's Virgin Mistress). He has a bit of a sense of humour failure when Megan bursts out of a birthday cake, but then again Alphas tend to be a bit like that, all brooding and storming everywhere.

The beautiful, angular lines of his face were tight with anger. Yup, Alessandro. And this time he's steaming up the pages before we're even half way through chapter one. I guess he just can't help himself. He says so himself, after all..

I am, he thought with a strange feeling of helplessness, only a man, dammit!

I don't want to spoil any of the surprises in this one, it's beautifully written and Alessandro is as gorgeous as ever. I really thought he was settling down, that was until I opened Anna Cleary's (At the Boss's Beck and Call) and found he'd moved on from Megan, and had set his sights on the lovely Lara. He's calling himself Alessandro Vincenti here, claiming he's from Venice, pretending to be Marquis of the Minor Ventian Isles, but I know its him, I recognise him from his description.

his lean, tanned body still glistening from the surf, his black hair gleaming, those deep, dark eyes, so sensual, so intent on her and her alone.

At the end of Anna's book (another great read, but how could it fail to be?) he's settling down in Sydney. Or so he says, after following his exploits I'm not sure I can believe him anymore.

I hope so, he really sounds like he's in love this time. As he did the time before, and the time before that. Worry not, the next time he undulates through the surf, or smoothes back a lock of his midnight black hair with a tanned hand I'll be reading, and I'll let you know who he's set his sights on.

As for me, the name Bill is beginning to grow on me. Initially turned off by Bills, (think flowerpot men, and WeeeeeeD), then that Bill Uma spent a couple of movies trying to kill, I'm being slowly seduced by the Southern Vampire from True Blood. How about the adventures of Bill, ladies? Any takers?


  1. Haven't done an Alessandro myself yet. Now I'm beginning to wonder how I missed him. Have to say, Bill appeals to me too. Had my first ever crush on a guy called Bill. He was American, and gorgeous, and made boats in his loft in the London docklands... Unfortunately he also had a wife named Jill!! I kid you not.

  2. Okay, Heidi, you're up for the first of the new Bill Mills and Boons... looking forward to it!

  3. Hi Sally. I'm a fellow Inkwell-ian so wanted to drop in and say hi! You have some great info here for writers.

  4. Thanks Hot Cross Mum, I've been enjoying your writing too!

  5. He really HAS settled in Sydney, Sally. Any other guy claiming to be Alessandro is an imposter!

    And now you mention it I too have always loved the name Bill. There may be a Bill burgeoning in my imagination even now. How does that lovely old song go?
    Along came Bill, an ordinary guy...

  6. Great Anna, another story about Bill on the cards then - mills and boon will wonder what's going on in about 3 months when a plethora of Bills appear...

  7. Haha... I noticed this as well!! But I've only ready TWO of Sandro's books :)