Thursday, June 9, 2011

I have a release date!

My new book, Marrying Cade, has a release date - 13 July!

Marrying Cade (with a spicy rating) will be released by The Wild Rose Press on this date - and will be available through their website and also on Amazon. I'll post links when I have 'em!

The first 10 pages were entered into Savvy Authors' Drive em Wilde contest last year which was judged by Samhain's Angela James, and was a runner-up.

Here's the blurb...I'll post an excerpt in early July.

Capable, financial advisor, Melo Bellucci always knew when it came to organising her sister’s wedding she’d in charge. After all, her sister, Rosa is notoriously scatterbrained. But there’s a silver lining in the form of the Best Man, Melo’s childhood crush, Cade West.

When Cade returns to the Tuscan island, Isola dei Fiori, he’s prepared to mix business with pleasure, especially when he meets Melo again. The confident, sexy woman is a world away from the lanky tomboy he remembers, and attraction burns between them instantly.
But when he discovers that the perfect site for his hotel. idyllic Paradise Beach, belongs to Melo, rather than her father, can their relationship survive, when there are two plans for Paradise?


  1. Hey, it's coming out the day before my birthday -- congratulations!

  2. Hi Mark, Happy birthday for the 14!

  3. WOW - that's soon! And my darling best friend's b'day so it has to be a good one :) HEre's to loads of great reviews.

  4. (Having scanned the above comments, I almost opened with 'Happy Birthday', rather than) Congratulations Sally! That's really soon. Now that you have the date, you can plan a launch party! x

  5. Hi Rach, thank you!
    Hi Madeline, thak you too! I must admit I'm surprised and delighted it's out so soon - that's one day less than 4 months from first sub to kindle!

  6. Whoop! Fantastic, Sally! It looks like a cracker. Can't wait to read it!