Tuesday, January 25, 2011

All that gold ... The Egyptians come to town!

There's great excitement in Dublin with the news that Tutankhamun is visiting Dublin on February 14th - July 31 2011, and for me, the date of his arrival is particularly significant.

There's something strange going on here.
The Egyptian gold arrives in Dublin 14 February.
And Bound to Love, my next book, is launched on 14 February.

And a very important pair of artifacts feature large in Bound to Love.
Bracelets of Ramesses II

These are them. The beautiful gold Rameses bracelets, from the reign of Rameses II (1290-1224 BC).

I'll be posting more about Bound to Love as the date approaches, but the story begins in the British Museum, where my heroine, Tempest MacKenzie is leaving a meeting. She's a master goldsmith, specialising in replicating ancient golden artifacts, who has  been contracted to make detailed replicas of the above bracelets, which will remain in the British Museum after the Egyptian Gold Touring Exhibition leaves.

It's a romantic suspense, so I won't reveal any clues except to say that where's there's gold, there's trouble!!

But the perfect synchronicity of the golden Tutankhamun exhibition opening on the same day as my novel's launch?- Well that's priceless!


  1. Ooh Sally, it's fate :-)

    I wonder if you could take some of your books down to the exhibit and have them next to those artefacts. What a marvellous way to get more sales.

    You should definitely let the Marketing people at your publisher know :-)

  2. The only problem Jo, might be the ahem, heist element....!!

  3. Love books that feature interesting artifacts! These are gorgeous.

  4. Thank you, Carolyn! And thanks for visiting!

  5. Oh wow, so spooky, Sally! Not long now!!

  6. Isn't it weird, Jackie? It makes me all tingly... They are gorgeous aren't they Lacey? BTL has full instructions for making them! I'm really excited, Rach, aren't you!?!

  7. WOW now that IS a sign!!! A sign that Bound To Love will be a bestseller I reckon :)

  8. Gosh, Rach - wouldn't that be great!?!

  9. Gosh - that is spooky and fabulous!
    Your books sounds amazing and I canny wait to read it. jx

  10. Thaks Judy! Congrats on your 2 book launch in the next 2 weeks (that's good going!)