Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fab editing on-line course on next week!

After completing Don McNair's excellent online class on editing, I sold my first book - Catch Me A Catch. I'm sure that the skills I learned with Don helped me to crack the final hurdle to publication, and gave me the tools to polish further manuscripts.

So, for those who are interested, I wanted to give a shout out. Don is running the class next week, and still has some places available. Here's the info:

Editor Proof that manuscript - By Don McNair - starts 12 September 2011 and runs for ten lessons plus an introduction, to be taught three times a week until finished. It costs $40 to enroll. Contact Don at don@mcnairedits.com to sign up. If you click on Don's link above, you'll can read more about him, and see examples of before and afters too.

Why did that editor reject your novel?

The sad truth? Editors reject most manuscripts after only glancing at their first chapter - often only the first page - and seeing mistakes seemingly lit with neon. This course, based on my forty years of writing and editing, will help you spot and fix those mistakes before you send the manuscript out.
You'll learn many things, including: How to use strong hooks... use the correct POV… turn info dumps into sparkling, vital prose... strengthen your work by eliminating backstories… make your scenes work harder... use character-specific words... develop conflict... increase sexual tension… and much, much more.
You'll use your manuscript's first chapter as your practice field for identifying and resolving your personal craft mistakes. After the class you'll apply your new editing knowledge to the total manuscript, to make it much more compelling and, hopefully, published!
The class starts Monday, September 12. To enroll, send your $40 enrollment fee by Paypal, and
I’ll invite you to join a Yahoo Group for the sessions.

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